Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Dr. LoPinto in Manhattan for Root Canal Therapy

Toothaches are often the final warning that a tooth is in jeopardy of being lost. Root canal therapy prevents a tooth from requiring an extraction and preserves the natural dental structure.

Preventing tooth loss ensures optimal chewing, protects the health of other teeth and maintains the natural beauty of your smile.

If you are experiencing a toothache, give Dr. Joseph LoPinto a call. He serves people in Manhattan with gentle and quality care, so teeth remain pain-free and healthy.

Causes of Root Canal Therapy

Teeth consist of three layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the inner chamber or pulp. When decay reaches the pulp, usually dentists recommend root canal therapy.

If the infection is not promptly treated, it creates an abscess and endangers the health of neighboring teeth. The infection can also enter the bloodstream and circulate to other vital organs. Serious health risks result if toothaches are left untreated.

How Dental Infections are Treated

The pulp of a tooth consists of nerves that become painful and inflamed when infection is present. Dentists prepare the tooth and remove the infected pulp from the inner canals. After the pulp is removed, the dentist places a substance called gutta percha to seal the inside chamber.

Many people fear root canal therapy, and although it takes longer, it is no more complicated than a tooth filling. This treatment maximizes comfort and prevents tooth loss.

Restoration of a Tooth After Root Canal Therapy

After the tooth’s canal has been treated, the tooth is capped with a crown and protected from further damage.  A crown also permits the tooth to continue its normal functions.

Dr. LoPinto takes an impression of the patient’s teeth and sends it to a trusted lab where a customized crown is created. The size, shape, and color of the crown are designed to perfectly blend in with other teeth. Porcelain crowns are lustrous, life-like restorations that are durable and stain resistant.

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If you are experiencing a toothache, call Dr. Joseph LoPinto immediately. Early intervention is key to saving the tooth and preventing the spread of infection. He is in Manhattan and provides people with quality and compassionate care.


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